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Fresh cream. Real butter. Vanilla beans – no extract. The finest spices, nuts and liqueurs, crafted into velvety confections and hand-dipped into a special Kakao blend of chocolate.

Can you keep a secret? Chocolate bark makes you feel rich. Deep and indulgent, the crisp bark gives way to a molten stream of luxury in your mouth. Can’t decide which to try first? Go ahead, sample each one.

Kakao strives for nothing short of the finest chocolate experience. We use only the finest all-natural ingredients — no artificial flavors or additives — to create exceptional artisan chocolates and confections.

Kakao has two great St. Louis locations!

You are welcome to visit our shop! If you are fully vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask. If you are not, you do. Thank you.

Kakao will be closed on Sunday and Monday, July 4 and 5.

You can purchase eGift cards online here. Don’t worry, we still sell our $5 gift tokens — this is just another way to send a future gift of Kakao

Kakao Clayton is closed until further notice. Kakao Maplewood is open, but with limited hours.

Kakao Maplewood
7272 Manchester Road
Maplewood, MO 63143
Wed-Fri noon-6p, Sat-Sun 10a-4p
Please call for special orders

Kakao Clayton – Closed Until Further Notice
7720 Forsyth
Clayton, MO 63105
Closed until further notice