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Yellow Farmhouse Chocolate

We’re pleased to partner with the good folks at Yellow Farmhouse Winery in Defiance to offer Kakao Chocolates!

The Yellow Farmhouse is a small, family-run winery that turns several different grapes into wonderful Missouri wines. They grow some Norton — a native American grape of the ripiarian species — on the hills behind the house, and some Traminette — a German-American hybrid developed by Cornell University — in a small vineyard to the west. They also buy Chardonel, Vidal Blanc, Couderc Noir and Chambourcin grapes from our neighbors up and down the valley.

Dale is the winemaker, and has developed some wonderful vino. From the smoky “Sweet Talkin’ Blonde” to the smooth Chardonel to the hefty Norton, the Yellow Farmhouse has a wine for every taste.

Linda is the marketer, and saw a great opportunity to partner with Kakao Chocolates. We visited the winery recently, and sampled some Kakao Coffee Bark — fresh-ground coffee sprinkled generously on our special dark chocolate — with the Norton.  What a wonderful pairing! And then a bit of Kakao Pates de Fruit — soft chewy candies made with fruit puree — with the Traminette, which was a match made in heaven.

So when you’re out on the Missouri Wine Trail, whether driving along Highway 94 or biking the Katy Trail, stop in at the Yellow Farmhouse in Defiance. Seriously, it’s bright yellow and there’s no way you could possibly miss it. Try some of their great wines, and have some Kakao Chocolate to go with it!