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Winter Wonders

We’ve got a lot of fantastic stuff to cover here, so maybe you should sit down before you go any further.

Then, where to begin? Well, let’s start simply, with our new addition to the shop, our truffle case!

Beautiful, isn’t it? It will be great when you come visit the shop to be able to see all the different truffle flavors we have on hand.

Speaking of new truffles, we’ve got a fantastic new truffle, something completely different. All our truffles to date have been hand-dipped, and a creamy ganache center. Our latest creation — handmade by Kate — is a piped truffle, made by hand-piping an even creamier ganache into a shell of chocolate.

Aren’t they beautiful? Yes, that’s white chocolate decorating the tops of the truffles. And yes, that’s gold powder. (And yes, it’s edible.) The ganache, by the way, is a pomegranate liqueur.

And yes, they’re amazingly good.

Next up, something Shannon created, a new pates de fruit, made with champagne. No bubbles (we’re still working on that), but the combination of champagne and strawberry purée, all dipped in white chocolate…well, take a look, and imagine what that tastes like. We’ll definitely be making lots of these for Valentine’s Day!

And last, but not least, here’s something completely different. Kate created some meringue that’s unlike anything we’ve tried before. Not puffy meringue, but a sheet of meringue. And not just plain, but with toasted unsweetened coconut.

We tried some, and immediately thought of the snowy day outside, and how nice and toasty it was inside. Kakao Snowy Coconut Meringue is the perfect way to experience snow that’s delicious and sweet, but not cold.

We’ve got small batches of all of these confections — along with our traditional truffles (including some Mattingly’s Stout Porter Truffles), sea salt caramels, marshmallow pies, and other treats — available at the St. Louis Community Farmers’ Market tomorrow and at the shop (open Tues- Fri from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays) for as long as they last. Or until we make more.