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Welcome Sappington Farmers’ Market!

We at Kakao are pleased to welcome Sappington Farmers’ Market to our list of retail outlets! We’ve been working with the great folks there — it’s owned and managed by group of Missouri small family farmers and rural entrepreneurs — and are excited about them selling our chocolates and confections.

We’re also looking forward to Sappington’s tomato celebration, The Good, The Big and The Ugly Homegrown Tomato Festival. We’ve got some, well, interesting things planned for the event, which will be Saturday, July 31st, from noon to 4 p.m. at the market, 8400 Watson Road, 63119.

Speaking of interesting confections and fun events…as our Big Squeal Bacon Brittle has taken off (thanks in part to Sauce Magazine’s print and online recommendation), we’ve been working on something new to introduce at the Slow Food Art of Food fundraiser on Saturday evening, July 24.

We’ve hinted at what we’re going to sample there — yes, free samples, from Kakao and other hotspots like Niche, Monarch, Local Harvest and others — and now it’s time to let you in on what we’re doing.

First, we’ll have a vegan confection — a dual-layer pates de fruits dipped in chocolate, artfully decorated with all-natural (of course!) yumminess.

But we’re also going to have something carnivorous, something we don’t think you’ve ever had before, anywhere. Ready? I just made BACON CARAMEL — our great caramel with bits of Hinkebein Hills Farm bacon. It smells sublime. Tomorrow we’ll dip it in chocolate, and put a bit of smoked salt on top.

We think you might enjoy it. But you’ll only be able to get it at the Art of Food.

Okay, so, that’s Sappington, Tomato Fest, Art of Food…what else? Oh, how about a rundown of where you can buy Kakao chocolates and confections?

See you soon!