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We Heart Valentine’s Day

There were, unfortunately, some folks who weren’t able to get Kakao chocolate at Christmas. We were terribly busy all December, making as much as we could — hand-dipping the truffles and caramels, spreading out homemade marshmallow for our pies, cooking brittle and other confections. But still, we ran out.

So for Valentine’s Day, we’re kicking it up another notch.

Plus we have new confections.

– Elderflower Liqueur: this may be my new favorite truffle, using a wonderful French liqueur with a pear base and a bunch of different floral notes, including elderflower

– Violet Liqueur: another flowery truffle, that seriously tastes like violet. Chocolate-covered violets.

Now, if you take the elderflower and the violet, and you combine them in a box with our lavender and our rose petal red tea truffles, you have our Bouquet of Chocolates assortment. Sound good?

– Coconut-Curry Truffle: It’s vegan! Made from coconut milk and a delightful curry, for a chocolate experience like no other.

– Champagne Marshmallows: Who would have thought you could make fluffy marshmallows using champagne?

– Girl’s Best Friend: A candy like no other, with strawberry-champagne pates de fruits dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with sparkling sugar.

And of course, we have the heart boxes you need for your Valentine. We’ve got 10-, 13- and 27-piece heart boxes

plus a 10-piece kraft/natural box

We’ve got lots of chocolate, and we’re making more, but you probably don’t want to wait until the last minute.

But if you do, we’ll help you out, because we’ve got lost of our regular boxes that we can dress up with red ribbon just as nicely.

And that last minute? Yes, we’ll be open on Saturday, February 13, from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. (instead of the usual 4 p.m.) for your shopping convenience.

One last thing: mark your calendar for Wednesday evening, March 10, when Kakao is hosting a very special wine and chocolate tasting class. More info coming soon…