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Upcoming Confections

We’ve been working on some really tasty treats that will be available for Valentine’s Day. ‘Working on,’ as in ‘playing with recipes and even if they don’t quite work they way we planned they’re still awfully good and so maybe they can be a totally different thing.’

(One wonderful thing about working with chocolate and candy is that even the mistakes are edible, and can often be re-worked into something completely new.)

So, to whet your appetite:

Passionfruit Pates de Fruits: What better candy flavor for Valentine’s Day? We’ve made other flavors of pates de fruits — raspberry, apricot, green apple, and even strawberry-basil — but these are far and away our favorite. The tangy passionfruit is mellowed by the sweetness of the sugar, and all contained in a delectable morsel some call ‘hard jam.’

Butter Pecan Toffee: Butter + Sugar + Pecans. Well, and a special ingredient that adds a kick of natural vanilla flavor. Our original plan was to coat this with chocolate, but it was so good by itself we decided to offer it au naturale.

New Truffles: In addition to our cherry truffles, we just made a new one from two of our favorite beverages. We’ll tell you more later this week — you’ll be surprised!

Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread: We’ve been selling this quietly since we developed it for the Cherokee Street Catering crepes at the Taste of St. Louis. It was so popular people asked us to bottle it up. Then it was discovered by Sauce Magazine, and now we can’t make enough of it! It’s kind of like Nutella, but not really — we’ve got more hazelnuts, less sugar, and no artificial ingredients.


We’re also pleased to announce that our network of retail outlets continues to grow. In addition to Local Harvest Grocery and Cafe, you can now buy Kakao chocolates at Pudd’nhead Books in Webster Groves and Cafe Ventana near St. Louis University. And we’ve got more in the works!

Meanwhile, be sure to catch us at the winter markets in Maplewood on January 31 and near Tower Grove on February 14.