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Truffle Myrtille

That would be French for blueberry.

I’m not sure exactly how French blueberries are. I grew up in northern Minnesota where they’re plentiful — I remember a patch that grew wild in front of our house. Not the big domesticated ones, but the little juicy sweet wild ones.

What is French, though, is the all-natural blueberry liqueur we used in our new truffle. It’s another one of those century-old recipes, made by a family business in the heart of Dijon, France. Hard to find, and hard to beat.

So we make our cream and chocolate ganache, and blend in some of the blueberry liqueur. Then we dip the ganache in a special blend of semi-sweet chocolate, and top it with an unsweetened dried blueberry, and voila:

Kakao Blueberry Truffles

Kakao Blueberry Truffles

We’ll have the new truffles — along with your traditional favorites — at the Kakao Cafe and at the Tower Grove Farmers Market tomorrow. Oh, and we’ll also have some fresh-baked Pinched-Peach and Blackberry Cobblers, and Ricotta Cheese and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Muffins, and, of course, the Truffle Brownies. While they last!

See you soon.