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Traveling Tea

You do not have to be the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey to enjoy a spot of tea — it has universal appeal.  Tea is one of the simplest of hot beverages to prepare but the ingredients can be daunting.  Tea offers a myriad of taste sensations made rich from spices and herbs that delight you with each sip.

Of course, you want to do your tea right.


At Kakao Chocolate, we offer Traveling Tea.  Traveling Tea, like Kakao Chocolate, is an artisan business, locally-owned and managed.  Traveling Tea is made from tea leaves grown (mostly) in Asia, but never with any artificial ingredients.  Most of their custom blends use no flavorings at all, so they’re safe for those concerned about gluten and how flavorings are derived. Because organic and fair trade practices are important to Traveling Tea (as they are here at Kakao Chocolate, too) their selection is primarily organic, and fair trade whenever that option is available.

The flavor selection is constantly being updated, which makes it exciting for regular tea drinkers to try fresh and new flavors.  The winter, of course, is the best time to indulge, and if you are looking for that hot drink to warm you up, many of the flavors are naturally caffeine-free.

If you are wondering what to have with your tea, many of our Kakao Chocolate confections are well-suited compliments. Lavender truffles are silky and creamy and pair well with the smooth herbal essence of many Traveling Teas. Or, take a real time out and curl up with a steaming cup of tea and one of our Kakao Chocolate Dark Chocolate Barks and simply enjoy the distinct flavors of the tea and the texture of the chocolate.

Of course, you can take the traditional route and pair Queen’s Cuisine Scones, sold in-shop at Kakao Chocolate, with your favorite tea. Now you nearly are the Dowager Countess at High Tea!

Stop in and see the selection of teas we offer and we will help you find the best one for you.