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Those Wiley Marshmallows!

Marshmallows ain’t easy.

Oh, I’m sure they can be, because you can buy them cheap just about anywhere. But to make them with all-natural ingredients, that’s a different story.

But now we’ve managed to master the marshmallow. After several different batches, I put together all the corrections to all the mistakes I made along the way, and got it right. (Although the not-quite-solid creme I made earlier this week is mighty tasty…)

So, what have we learned?

– Use fresh eggs, separate the whites from the yolks and go. You might think that you can use a carton of “egg whites” even though they’re more expensive and they say they’re 100% egg whites with nothing else added, but no. Real eggs.

– When the recipe says 250 F, it means 250 F. Below that you get a creamy mess, and above that you have hard caramel candy (I didn’t even add that to the egg whites, so I’m not sure what would have happened).

– Extracting the seeds from real vanilla beans is a world away from using vanilla extract.

– Even though the recipe says “5-quart mixer,” you can get away with a 4.5-quart; just be ready to clean up.

– Clean-up isn’t nearly as bad as you might think, because sugar is (thankfully!) water soluble and just rinses away in hot water. 🙂

Some of these mastered marshmallows will be cut and eat as is, but the rest are going to become the outside of a toasted pecan and chocolate sandwich treat. Any takers for either version?