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The Wonder of Chocolate

As I immerse myself in the world of chocolate, I’m amazed at what I’m learning. First and foremost, I have a lot to learn. The cookbook/textbook I’m reading now notes that chocolatiering is probably the most difficult of all culinary arts, and follows that up by stating that chocolate is probably the most challenging of all foodstuffs. Between these statements are essays on things like “The Polymorphism of Chocolate” and the process of “conching” chocolate, which refines the chocolate in a way that everyone expects but that no one truly understands.

But two things stand out about chocolate that have totally captivated me. First, that in order for cacao beans to become chocolate, they must first be fermented and roasted. Just doing one or the other won’t produce anything that resembles chocolate. Think about how any single person, let alone a whole planet full of them, could have figured that out.

The other amazing thing about chocolate is that –when it’s made properly — the melting point of chocolate is just below human body temperature. Which means that it stays solid at room temperature but melts in your mouth when you eat it. Isn’t that wonderful?