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The Oolong Collaboration

One of my favorite things about making chocolate is developing new recipes. And one of my other favorite things is talking to Kakao customers about our chocolate recipes. Combining the two — well, that’s really the best.

When Kateri Meyer stopped by at the Tower Grove Market and started talking about oolong tea truffles, I was intrigued. I’ve had oolong tea before — it’s not quite green tea and not quite black tea, with both a bitterness and a sweet aftertaste.

Kateri gave me two different packages of tea, a longevity oolong and a bit of tamil nadu nilgiri (a black tea with a hint of sweetness), with specific instructions for how she prepared them. I translated the brewing instructions into chocolate-speak, fiddled with a combination of chocolates, and somehow (I really just know enough about chocolate making to be really dangerous) made a truffle that tastes like oolong tea!

The next trick was deciding what to put on top. Lots of cute things can top a truffle, but you have to have something unique enough to identify it from all the other truffles, and something that will complement and enhance the flavor profile of the chocolate. With so many options, and not knowing how they’d turn out, I just left them “blank.”

Kateri tried the truffles last Saturday and judged them a success (whew!), and I asked her to take some home and see what she thought about a topper.

Yesterday she had her second flash of brilliance: Brian, why don’t we try a small slice of dried pineapple? I’m not at all sure how she came up with it (after all, who puts pineapple in their tea?), but it not only makes perfect sense flavorwise, but will also be a beautiful truffle.

This first batch will be “do it yourself,” with separate truffles and dried pineapple (hopefully from Kimker Hill Farm) at the Tower Grove Market on Saturday. Stop by and pick some up!

Oh, and our first batch of hazelnut-chocolate spread sold out in an hour at the Maplewood Market. We’re making more for Tower Grove on Saturday, so be sure and stop by try some (free samples!) and grab a jar before we run out!