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The Lure of Truffles

Moved in, got organized, cleaned and sanitized, and still have a lot to do. But, the good news is that starting yesterday we were making truffles.

That’s not entirely accurate, because Heather (the former owner of Kakao) has been teaching me about truffles and chocolate for a few weeks now. I started out not knowing anything, and being blissful in that ignorance, but then as I started to learn more I became more uncomfortable with it. Now I’m really starting to realize how much I don’t know.

But I’m learning. After having made some assorted barks and some chile-honey-vanilla truffles, made some more truffles: Scotch (made with a great single malt) and Lavender-Vanilla. Dipped them yesterday and packaged them today. And sampled them.

The lavender truffles are amazing. They taste like lavender smells, in the most amazing way. They’re almost magical with lavender essence, because that’s what they’re made from — lavender steeped in cream with a vanilla bean. And the Scotch truffles taste like the best part of Scotch.

Heather noted today, based on my reaction to the tasting, that I’d never eated a Kakao truffle before.  Indeed, I haven’t. How then, she asked, could I buy the company without having sampled the best chocolate it has to offer?

For two reasons, simply. First, I knew Heather and had not only sampled her other chocolate treats (a chocolate-dipped caramel that’s to kill for and an amazing pepper-infused ganache), but have also seen her work, and I know the care and attention she puts into her creations. I knew from that Kakao would be a success.

The other reason is that I knew of two people who were raving fans of Kakao: Amy and Becky. Both are true foodies, with discerning palates and high standards. How could I go wrong with due dilegence such as that?

Tasting that lavender-vanilla truffle today, though, sealed the deal. This is truly an amazing company that makes magical chocolate. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.