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The Colors of Easter

This weekend I saw a lot of Easter chocolates, some beautiful and some not. The beautiful ones had intricate, colorful patterns and chocolate colored in deep shades of red and yellow. The not-so-pretty ones had bright yellow duckies and bunnies and blue and red fluorescent frosting flowers.

I’m not sorry to say you won’t find these colorful chocolates available from Kakao.

From our founding, Kakao has committed to offering only all-natural chocolates and confections. Which means that we have to forgo the edible decals that use artificial colors to make those intricate patterns, and the food-grade paints that create those deep reds and yellows. We’re also taking a pass on the chemical food dyes used to create those brightly colored ducks and rabbits and flowers.

Instead, we’ll continue to focus on making the best possible chocolate we can. And if you’d like to get that chocolate in the form of a cute bunny, we can definitely do that. Just without the artificial colors.

Kakao Easter Chocolates

Kakao Easter Chocolates

Kakao Easter Chocolates are available in both milk and dark chocolate, which we blend from several different types of chocolate to get the best possible chocolate flavor. Nothing artificial, not even to make them pretty.

But because it is Springtime, and because we’re not totally against Easter colors, we package our chocolate bunnies with some colorful — and non-edible — ribbons.