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The Bunnies Are Coming!

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

An army of dark chocolate bunnies

The World’s Cutest Chocolate Bunnies are back!

We’re making as many of these little guys as we can, in milk and dark, available for $12. We’re also taking orders for extra dark, white chocolate, and, of course, Pink Raspberry ($14).

That’s our friend Dana (the one on the right), eyeing one of our special Pink Raspberry Bunnies — she’s probably thinking how that white chocolate and all-natural powdered raspberry bunny will taste. But don’t you love her dress?

We’ve got a lot of other Easter treats planned for you, from small lollies to our enormous chocolate geese.

And one more thing. Sometimes, unfortunately, the chocolate bunnies don’t work out as planned — they might bloom or crack or just not live up to our quality standards. Don’t worry, we can redo them and make them into better bunnies! But not before we save their ears, which are available in packages of four for $3.