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The Big Move

Spend my first official full-time day at Kakao driving around a moving van and collecting various pieces of Kakao equipment and supplies in the new space. Of course I picked the hottest (so far) day of the year to do it, but managed to get it all moved in without incident.

(Well, there was one incident that had to do with there being six pallets of packaging rather than two, which will require another truck trip in the near future, but that’s not a big deal. It gives me another chance to feel like a burly man driving a big truck.)

I also took advantage of the truck to visit a store that sells used EVERYTHING you could need for a restaurant — ovens, bar stools, 50-quart mixers, and PREP TABLES! Bought two big tables and with the help of Heather (who’s surprisingly strong) got them into the shop. For some reason that felt like a big moment for me. Well, I mean the purchasing of six-foot stainless steel prep tables, not getting Heather to help me move them.

Today I’m getting it all organized, categorized, and sanitized, so we’re ready to rock next week. Cheers!