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Tea Time

We at Kakao have been using tea to flavor our chocolates for quite a while now. We’ve been working with Kateri Meyer of Traveling Tea, who provides us with sublime blends of chai, earl grey and rose petal teas — not to mention dried peppermint – for our truffles.

That’s tea in chocolate. What about tea with chocolate? We’re pleased to announce a special tasting class with Kateri, where we’ll pair special chocolates and special teas and show you why they work well together, and how you can best enjoy chocolate and tea anytime. You’ll discover some great new teas (WuYi Oolong, Genmaicha, Puerh, and Morawka Estate Ceylon, for starters) and rediscover some old favorites like Irish Breakfast and Ancient Forest — believe me, this is like no other Ancient Forest tea you’ve ever had before.

(Okay, here’s the deal on Ancient Forest tea. It’s so named because the it comes from 500 year old trees in Vietnam – they actually have to climb the trees to pick the tea leaves.  And purchasing this tea saves rainforests. It’s kind of like traveling to Vietnam in a cup!)


Did I mention chocolate? Pumpkin truffles, sea salt caramels, and some very special chocolates we’re creating just for this occasion. Plus we’ll have all your favorites available for purchase.

So mark your calendars for Sunday, October 24 at 2 p.m. for the Tea and Truffle Tasting Class at Kakao, 2301 S. Jefferson. Cost is only $10 for a good amount of both tea and chocolate, and seating is limited, so please call 314.771.2310 to reserve your spot soon.