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Those Wiley Marshmallows!

Marshmallows ain’t easy. Oh, I’m sure they can be, because you can buy them cheap just about anywhere. But to make them with all-natural ingredients, that’s a different story. But now we’ve managed to master the marshmallow. After several different batches, I put together all the corrections to all the mistakes I made along the way, and got it right. (Although the not-quite-solid creme I made earlier this week is mighty tasty…) So, what have we learned? – Use fresh eggs, separate the...
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The Trouble with Marshmallows

Marshmallows seems so easy. And maybe they are, and I just haven’t yet figured that out. Gelatin and water, to soften, while you cook the sugars, then whip the egg whites, add some more sugar and start combining. Okay, you need to get the sugar to the right temperature, and you have to time everything just so to avoid scorching the sugar or cooking the eggs. Well, maybe not so simple. The sugars, once scorched, made for a very pretty display...
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Creating Caramels

But before I even get to the caramels, I have to say…we made MARSHMALLOWS today! I’ve seen many recipes for them, and thought often about making them, but never had. I mean, seriously, what would you do with a whole pan of marshmallows? I mean besides eat them? A batch is too many (unless you’re having a party, in which case you’d have to think of a reason to give everyone a homemade marshmallow), and I’m not exactly sure...
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