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Sunday Afternoon Dip

My plan was to dip the lavender ganache today, and knowing that I had another ganache that needed semi-sweet, I figured I’d dip them both, dark chocolate first. (You can get dark chocolate mixed in with milk chocolate, but not the other way around, so you start with the dark.) 

But then I got to the shop and realized that I had two ganaches that required semi-sweet: the Turkish Coffee and the Stout. (Is the chile-vanilla the only one that gets bittersweet? I feel slightly confused now, because I don’t have my notebook in front of me.)

I also figured I’d dip the caramels — both the “traditional” caramel made with a slighly different ingredient list, and the “creme brulee” version that was made with the same ingredient list but in a different method) — and because we were just experimenting I thought I’d dip half of each type in semi- and the other half in milk. (The deeper caramel would meld well with the darker chocolate, and play more strongly off the milk, I figured. And isn’t that the definition of experimentation?)

To make to story of a long and busy day short, I managed to dip both the Turkish Coffee and the Stout (240 truffles total) plus half of both caramels (about 50 total) and then was completely wiped out. Plus it’s a beautiful day, and I couldn’t stay in the shop any longer. And, really, I need to save something for tomorrow, right?

So who’s going to help me taste-test these caramels?