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Scones, anyone?

It is snowing out and you’re snuggled in bed giving your feet a pep talk, trying desperately to convince them that the cold floor they are about to touch is bearable. Completely bearable.

Then, while you are talking to your feet, your nose sends off an alarm as the aroma of fresh baked scones wafts through the house.
Someone is baking breakfast!

You leap from bed with such joy your feet barely touch the floor as you shoot for the warmth of the kitchen. Remember, home is where the hearth is, and there you will find the greatest joy of Sunday morning: a fresh baked breakfast!

The person who is baking the breakfast would like you to believe that while you were in bed talking to your feet, they were doing a lot of hard work. Nope, this is not true at all — the scones were actually frozen and tucked in the freezer until just a little while ago (and you didn’t even know it). No one had to venture out in the snow and ice or wind and rain to fetch them. The whole delicious lot was just popped into the oven in a few simple moves.

Queen’s Cuisine scones are available in Kakao Chocolate’s “freezer section.” They are sold frozen so you can bake them anytime, and without very much of a wait have a taste of the famous English treat. We have a variety of flavors made using a traditional recipe with the addition of dried and fresh fruits, citrus zests and/or chocolate. You can keep them in your own freezer for up to one month and they come in the following amazingly delicious flavors:

  • Local Pumpkin with Missouri Pecans
  • Local Apple Cinnamon
  • Banana Walnut
  • Blueberry Cinnamon
  • Craisin and Orange
  • Double Chocolate (our favorite, of course!)
  • Rich/Plain

Scones just aren’t for breakfast anymore, hold a “high tea” some afternoon, or better yet mix up a cup of Kakao Hot Chocolate and pair it with a delicious-fresh-from-your-own-oven scone. As much as we like to see you in the shop, remember to buy enough to share and have on hand. Who knows when you will have an unexpected high tea?

Queen’s Cuisine scones are made locally by Jane Muscroft, who was born and bred in Melton, England and moved to America in 2000. As Jane says, “Americans are so interested in English life, the accent and the food. It’s a cultural experience for them.”

We say, “Tally ho, let’s get on with breakfast!”