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Saba Spiced Rum Truffles

It pays to have nice friends.

Especially when they go to exotic places and bring back fun things, hoping we can make them into delectable chocolate treats.

(Note that “bring back” may or may not mean “legally import.”)

Several miles off the coast of Charlotte Amalie, near the British Virgin Islands, is the small island of Saba, which is the home of Saba Spiced Rum. It’s kind of like Gooey Butter Cake in St. Louis — everyone on the island has recipe, and each recipe is just a little different from the next one.

The version we have is rich in spices — cinnamon and cloves and maybe a little bit of fennel, and a dark rich molasses taste. And, of course, a good amount of rum.

(Our bottle was actually dipped in red wax, with twine wrapped around the neck, with a “label” written directly on the bottle in Sharpie.)

We just add the chocolate. And cream and butter to make the ganache. And then we dip it in dark chocolate.

They’re pretty good. But we only have a small bottle of Saba Spice, so we’re not going to be able to make a lot of them. Until our “importers” go back, anyway.

Better hurry.