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Panforte anyone?

Jokes about fruit cake are as perennial as Christmas carols wafting through the airwaves starting the day after Halloween. Some will boast they have built fortresses with the holiday “treats” they have accumulated over the years, and others use them as anchors on their summer boat down at the lake.

The Fig & Walnut Panforte we have at Kakao, which is imported from Italy, won’t last long enough to build anything but a desire for more, and will anchor your craving for sweet holiday treats that will surpass the traditional holiday season, causing you to never utter the words “fruit cake” again.


Panforte is a classic Italian Christmas treat we started serving last Christmas, and is again available by the slice at Kakao Chocolate.  Just like everything else we offer our customers, the Panforte is made with all natural ingredients. While the diced figs and walnuts are the earthy, hearty stars of the panforte, their co-stars — wheat flour, honey and spices — deserve equal billing. Together this cast of simple all-natural ingredients make a rich, dense treat that is perfect to curl up with while sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee, or as we recommend, a Kakao Hot Chocolate.

Sure, having it all to yourself is best, but you may consider that it’s the holidays and try putting your head around the idea that the Fig & Walnut Panforte is best shared. This is by far one of the best holiday after-dinner offerings ever. Create a holiday dessert platter with our delightful confections and truffles, adding the Fig & Walnut Panforte as the centerpiece. Offer it with fresh-brewed Stringbean Coffee and your guests will sing your praises.

We can help you find the best Kakao chocolates to beautifully and deliciously compliment your slices of Panforte, giving you a  holiday dessert platter that will round out the holiday celebration perfectly, or simply put:  panforte perfettamente!