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Outfitting your Valentine Adventure

Cupid, draw back your bow, and let your arrow go . . .

Valentine’s Day is burning a mark on the stark and barren February calendar as if it were molten lava; you cannot ignore it, nor should you. It’s not just a day, it is the destination of a long journey, and you want to share that moment with the person who got you there.

Kakao Chocolate is a trading post for that destination. We hope to be on the supply list of every romantic adventurer, especially yours.  Whether you are on your first time out or you have developed a high level of expertise on love’s adventures, we can help.

First and foremost, you must bear chocolate.  Yes, flowers are nice.  Jewelry is fabulous.  Chocolate — Kakao Chocolate — is essential.

Unlike red roses or diamonds, which send distinct messages, Kakao Chocolate sends a message that simply says, “I thought of you and I thought about everything that would make you happy.”  So, don’t worry about accidently turning the volume up or down on your romantic quest by presenting Kakao Chocolate as part of your Valentine’s offerings.  Our award-winning confections, like Kakao Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, delectably flavored truffles, or the rich and slightly savory chocolate barks, will all serve you well and please your beloved without going overboard (or underboard).


Still nervous?  Let us guide you.

Looking for a gift box for the jewelry you have selected?  We have chocolate gift boxes — yes, boxes made of chocolate — in several different shapes and sizes.   Placing your gift in the Kakao Chocolate chocolate gift box is like giving two gifts. After your giftee dons their new jewelry they will kick back and delight as they nibble on the gift box. Win-win.

Looking for a special treat for the man in your life? We’ve got just what you need — a manly assortment of truffles flavored with bourbon, scotch, beer, smoke (as in smoked tea), chile peppers and lavender (for his softer side).

Go beyond the tastebuds and suggest a day of indulgence involving Kakao Chocolate Scrub and Lip Balm from Maven. Another win-win.

Keep it simple and select a box of assorted truffles tied with a beautiful ribbon.  Undoubtedly a win-win.

Or heart-shaped marshmallows or caramels, dipped in chocolate. Or regular marshmallows in vanilla bean, fruit, or even candy cap mushroom flavors (yes, it’s true), a treat by anyone’s standards. Or some peanut-butter-and-chocolate-swirled bark. Win-win-win.

Or, just come on by the shop and let us outfit you for your romantic quest. We’ll make sure you are prepared and fully equipped for February 14.