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One Step Closer

Little by little we’re getting closer to being a real company here at Kakao.

Monday I got my forms back from the online legal company that helped me incorporate with the State of Missouri. The state approved everything on June 2, but the service didn’t get me the paperwork until June 23. Interestingly, they sent copies of the originals by FedEx ground and the originals by USPS, and they both arrived on the same day. Huh.

With that paperwork, I could revisit the state licensing bureauand — with my $25 filing fee in the form of a money order — get my state sales tax number. Which I now have. Woo hoo!

Also with that paperwork, I could go to the bank and open up a business checking account. All I have are blank checks on which I can write my company name and address, but one step at a time, right? And soon I’ll have that all-important debit card!

Still waiting for the city, though. The five inspectors who visited last week need to file their paperwork and then the city will mail me a list of all the things I need to do in order to get the numbers I need to pay them taxes. Seriously, you’d think they’d make it easier to get my money!

And tomorrow is the health inspector, probably the biggest step in all of this.

Meanwhile, I’ve got all these truffles to dip, and I’m really anxious to try the chai tea ganache I made, in addition to the Maker’s Mark and vanilla ganaches I made yesterday. And there’s a major taste testing tomorrow on the caramels.