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Off-White Wedding

Are your wedding bells ringing in the not-too-distant future? Is it time for you to start planning that very special day?

And are you looking for something to make your wedding special, maybe a bit non-traditional?

Lucky for you, the Off White Wedding Show 2013 is taking place on March 9th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and March 10th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Mad Art Gallery. (Ooh, we love the name of this event — it reminds us of our marshmallow confections, off white, you know.)

This show is loads of fun (even if you are not getting married), with lots of great vendors who cater (yes, that, too) to people who are looking for something unique for their wedding. Vendors serve all aspects of weddings, from planning to catering to custom-designed wedding gowns; all with an emphasis on handmade, eco-friendly and truly personal services. And you’ll find Kakao Chocolate nestled amongst the other vendors, showing off what we can do for your dream day.

Who wouldn't want Kakao Chocolate at their wedding?

Who wouldn’t want Kakao Chocolate at their wedding?

Some vendors will have items available for sale during the show, so come ready to shop! But come ready to taste, too: we’ll be offering Kakao Chocolate truffle tastings!

Okay, we see that perplexed look on your face asking, what is Kakao Chocolate doing at a wedding show?  Well, first of all, we fit right in with the other vendors who all provide personal service, a handmade artisan focus and a commitment to being eco-friendly. But imagine our chocolate truffles and sea salt caramels in cute little gift boxes, on fabulous table displays, and in great goodie bags for your guests. If you want your wedding party to have a memory they will cherish, we can also offer a unique opportunity for you for a special event with your bridesmaids and groomsmen:  a tasting party at Kakao Chocolate.

If you are planning a wedding but can’t make it to the Off White Wedding Show, stop by and see us at our shop and we can help you customize gift boxes, tasting parties and dessert offerings. Kakao Chocolate will make an elegant and delicious addition to your special day.