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New Confections!

With the opening of the Clayton Farmers’ Market tomorrow, we’ve got some great new confections to introduce.

First (it’s hard to tell where to start when everything is so great!) we’ve got something totally new and different: Bacon Brittle! We call it The Big Squeal, because it is! We use bacon made by our friends at Hinkebein Hills Farms, and combine it with Missouri pecans (from Northern Missouri Pecan Growers) and sugar to make a sweet, savory, salty confection like you’ve never had before.

Next, we’ve got a beautiful new bark — raspberry-star anise on milk chocolate. We crush dried raspberries and blend them into white chocolate, and mix that into milk chocolate with ground star anise. If you prefer dark chocolate for its complex flavors, you really need to try this. And if you love beautiful food, you really need to see this!

How about a new truffle? We’ve got a couple of them:

– Matcha Tea: in both the creamy semisweet center and the white chocolate shell for a unique green tea flavor.

– White Chocolate Buttercream: the smoothest, butteriest ganache you’ve ever tasted.

A bit less new, but still recent, are a couple of other dark chocolate barks:

– Cracked White Pepper and Sea Salt on Extra Dark Chocolate: we usually only use white pepper on mashed potatoes and in chowder, but it’s such a wonderful spice with lots of flavor and very little peppery bite. Combined with a touch of salt, it’s a perfect match for our 72% dark chocolate blend.

– Dried Strawberries and Black Pepper: this is not as unique as you think, because we know you’ve had strawberries on salad before, and had fresh ground pepper over them.

We’ve got lots more in the works, so stay tuned. We’ll see you at the shop, or the markets!

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