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Mother’s Day Chocolate

Wouldn’t your mom love to enjoy a nice afternoon of fine tea and artisan chocolate?

Once again Kakao is teaming up with Traveling Tea’s Kateri Meyer — a.k.a. The Tea Lady – for our Second Annual Mother’s Day Tea and Truffle Tasting. Join us on Sunday, May 9, from noon to 4:30 at the Kakao Shop, 2301 S. Jefferson,  for a special selection of teas and tea-infused truffles.

The Tea Lady will be serving sublime teas such as light and refreshing White Blueberry, the ever-popular Ginger Citrus, and Jasmine Green. She’ll also be serving a very special Creamy Chocolate Mint (a Traveling Tea custom herbal blend) and a First Flush Darjeeling, a delicate afternoon tea.

To pair with your tea, Kakao will have a selection of truffles made from Traveling Tea blends, including Earl Grey Tea, Rose Petal Red Tea, Chai, Mint Tea with Candied Lemon and Oolong Tea with Organic Dried Pineapple. We’ll also have our unique Smoke Truffle, made from Lapsang Souchong tea, as well as a wide selection of other truffles and confections.

 Our special tea and truffle selections will be available by the piece or cup, or you can select two truffles and a cup of tea for $5, or three truffles and two cups of tea for $7. We’ll also have packaged tea and all our confections available for sale, of course.

For those of you keeping score at home, you probably noticed that this is the Second Annual Mother’s Day Tea and Truffle Tasting. Yes indeed, the first thing we did in the Kakao shop a year ago, before we actually moved everything in, was the Mother’s Day Tasting — the place was bare except for a few rented tables and chairs. Since then we’ve filled the shop with all our supplies, work space, espresso machine, truffle case, and our cozy cafe chairs and tables, even as we continue to grow and expand our chocolate and confectionary offerings. We couldn’t have done it without your support, so thank you!