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More Marshmallows, Please

Maybe you’re tired of reading about marshmallows, or the marshmallow pies I make with them.

But they’ve been on my mind this week because I just finished an order of four dozen of the pies, made for a food co-op. (People subscribe to the co-op and get a weekly shipment of food, in this case locally grown produce and locally manufactured foods.) I’ve also been trying to take pictures (with a camera-phone, so apologies to all the professional photographers out there) and include them in the postings.

I’m also mad about these marshmallow pies. I made chocolate and other confections all day, and I of course taste-test everything to make sure it’s on track. All the other stuff I can completely resist, but these pies are irresistible. In fact, someone recently described them to me in one word: evil.

First I start with homemade marshmallow. Beaten egg whites with sugar and vanilla beans, and then combined with cooked sugar and gelatin, and then slabbed out on a bakery pan like so:

Slabbed Homemade Marshmallow

Slabbed Homemade Marshmallow

(Those specks there? Those are vanilla bean seeds. For most of our recipes we use real Tahitian vanilla beans split lengthwise and then we scrape out the seeds. Believe me, it’s a big difference from extract.) 

When that’s had a chance to set, I take toasted pecans — and we’re talking about those small and sweet Missouri pecans that are so incredibly tasty — and tempered chocolate and spread that on half of the slab.

Why half? Because then I take the other half and fold it over like an omelet. I then put some more chocolate on top, and then flip it over and add more chocolate, so it’s a multilayered sandwich. (One might wonder why I call them pies and not sandwiches, but really, who’s going to buy a marshmallow sandwich?)

Cutting Marshmallow Pies

Cutting Marshmallow Pies

Then I cut them up, and dip them in some powdered sugar so they don’t stick to everything.


Where can you get your hands on them? Well, stop by the shop anytime — I always have some on hand — or find Kakao at one of the markets. Or you can buy them at Local Harvest. But seriously, you need to try them. They’re evil.