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Magical Pecans

Pecans are pecans, right? 

Not so.

In fact, as I tasted some Missouri pecans from the case I just bought, I was reminded of a phrase often uttered by one of my junior high teachers: wrongo, fongo.

These are simply amazing. Sweet — not at all bitter — and so incredibly tasty. And from just up the road! Well, a long way up the road, but still in the Show Me State.

So what could I do with these magnificent, magical pecans? What would be a deserving debut, something befitting the fall season? Yes, caramels!


Missouri Pecan Caramels

Missouri Pecan Caramels


I just dipped these, and tasted them, and, well, these are amazing. I made a batch of Kakao caramel — with cream and sugar and vanilla beans and honey — and mixed into the finished product a good bunch of these pecans.  After it set, I cut it into squares and dipped them in semi-sweet chocolate, and topped with a pecan half.

We’ll be selling them in packs of four for $7 at the Tower Grove Harvest Festival Saturday morning — remember we go later for our season finale, until 2:30 p.m. I guarantee that these will sell out long before then, so come early!

Also, we’ll have our pumpkin truffles and hot cocoa, as well as an assortment of other truffles, apricot pates de fruits, and of course our marshmallow pies (which will soon be made with Missouri pecans!). See you tomorrow!