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Kakao Sale!

In case you didn’t catch it, Local Harvest is having a Kakao Chocolate Special this weekend — 25% off, until they run out. (I have a feeling they’ll call me for more, but you don’t want to take that chance, do you?)

I dropped off their order today — lots of coffee, ginger and almond bark and bars; marshmallow pies; sea salt caramels; almond dragees; and, of course, truffles! Local Harvest is at 3148 Morganford, just south of Tower Grove Park.

Local Harvest was named the Best Gourmet Grocery Store in St. Louis by Sauce Magazine! This is good stuff, folks.

Of course we’ll also be at the Tower Grove Market on Saturday, with all the usual assortment of chocolates and confections. And we made a special caramel sauce for Oh Crepes! at the market so you can have Kakao for breakfast!