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Kakao King Cake is King!

We’re very proud to share with you some fun news: Kakao won the Professional Bakery division of the Iron Barley King Cake Competition!

The Kakao team — Shannon, Kate and I — kicked around some ideas, and Kate was set with the task of creating a Kakao King Cake. King cakes are traditional to Mardi Gras, usually a type of brioche dough with purple, green and gold frosting. Of course we don’t use any artificial colors at Kakao, but since we decided to make a chocolate king cake, it didn’t really matter.

Kate put it all together, first making the dough, which required a complicated — and slightly messy — kneading process.

Then she frosted it — with chocolate frosting, of course — and dusted it with different shades of cocoa powder and powdered sugar.

What’s that gold bit? Well, Kate’s been also working on some all-natural chocolate colors. It couldn’t be all brown, could it?

Congratulations, Kate!