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Journey to Columbia (Missouri)

Just when you think one tour is over, you find yourself embarking on a glorious trip far away from the normalcy of the everyday on another delicious adventure.

At Kakao, our tickets to paradise are all-inclusive travel packages that begin with a chocolate base that is artisan crafted in Columbia, Missouri.  Perhaps this is not the most exotic location but don’t fret, Patric Chocolates will take you places.  Patric is an American craft chocolate company that makes  bean-to-bar chocolate, built upon chocolate maker Alan “Patric” McClure’s passion for fine chocolate. McClure is like the Indiana Jones of the chocolatier world, whose vocation is to unearth the treasures of the cocoa bean and bring them to us for our ultimate enjoyment.


Amazing chocolate does not just happen.  It is created and that is why Patric Chocolates and Kakao Chocolates together are what make phenomenal chocolate confections.  The all natural ingredients and bold mixtures of spices, nuts and fruits are what will make your chocolate journey the adventure you crave.

The Patric Chocolate collection offers you souvenirs from the world’s hottest cocoa bean centers.  Take a bite and your tastebuds will go globetrotting to exotic locations like Madascar, Tanzania, Ecuador and Honduras.  This is where you want to dive in and experience all that each region offers, and where you are sure to find flavorful natural hints of butter-hazelnut toffee, plums and other fruits. Those aren’t added flavors, folks — that’s the chocolate speaking to you.

Kakao Chocolate confections are available in shop every day with seasonal offerings, but you may feel like going back to a place you once visited and return to “just” a chocolate bar.  Kakao offers an assortment of artisan-crafted Patric Chocolate bars that will give you the joy of a simple treat with a sophisticated twist.

Travel Tip:  These are wonderful additions to a gift basket, but be sure to get one for yourself to make the journey home a real adventure.