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Independence Day Tasting – February 14

You read that right. Independence Day will be celebrated on February 14. Some people — mostly couples, I’m guessing — will be celebrating Valentine’s Day that day, but other people will be celebrating their Independence. And we’re going to have a Chocolate Tasting Party at Kakao for them.

If you haven’t been to one of our Tasting Parties, and you haven’t heard about them…well, let’s let someone who’s had one tell you about them. These are two comments from our guest book:

We talk about chocolate. You learn where chocolate comes from, how it’s made, why it’s good. And why it’s good for you. And then we go through at least a half dozen different confections and we’ll tell you how we made them and what inspired them. We’ve also got some special treats planned for the evening…

The night is all about independence. If you have it, celebrate it 7-9 p.m. on February 14, at Kakao Maplewood, 7272 Manchester. Cost is $12 per person. Call 314.645.4446 to make your reservation.