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Ice Cream and…olive oil? And balsamic vinegar?

Talk about peculiar pairings!

Some of you remember last summer when Kakao hosted several months’ worth of Peculiar Pairings, when we made confections from ingredients that people don’t usually associate with chocolate. In June we did chocolate and cheese, and in July we did chocolate and beer. In August we made candy with farmers market veggies, and in September we focused on Asian flavors.

Peculiar? Positively. Delicious? Definitely.

In our first revisit to Peculiar Pairings for 2012, we’re having a special event on Friday, June 8, at Kakao Maplewood, with a special tasting of ice cream, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Of course we’ll be using Serendipity Ice Cream, made right down the road in Webster Groves. And we’re going to use the finest olive oils and vinegars available from Vom Fass, which is just a block away from our shop in Maplewood.

Isn’t this a bit strange? I mean, really, who puts this kind of stuff on ice cream?

You’re going to have to trust us. And try it.

(If you’re having trouble imagining ice cream and olive oil, imagine it with a touch of sea salt.)

And we’ve got a sweet way for you to do just that, at the tasting on Friday night. The entire evening is going to support Discovering Options, which supports at-risk kids in St. Louis Public Schools. You’ll be able to get a sampling of ice cream with olive oil and/or vinegar (we’ll have several to choose from) for $1, or for $5 you can sample all you like, and all of the proceeds from the sampling will go to Discovering Options.

So come over to Kakao Maplewood, on Friday, June 8, from 6 to 8 p.m. and join us for an incredibly unique dessert experience.