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Honey Pairing at Kakao

Did you know local honey may help your allergies? Or that the same bee hive can produce different flavored honeys at the same time?  Or that bees do a dance to tell their co-workers where the best flowers are?


Join us on Tuesday, December 11 at 7 p.m. at Kakao Maplewood (7272 Manchester) for a very special event — a Local Honey Tasting and Pairing. Mary Ellen Raymond, a local beekeeper, farmer, and Maplewood Farmers Market Vendor, will lead us through a tasting of seven different types of honey, all from Missouri and most from within Greater St. Louis. Mary Ellen will explain the different types, and pair each one with a different food (including Kakao chocolate!) to complete the tasting experience. You’ll also have a chance to sample some Kakao confections we make with local honey.

Cost is $20 per person. Please call Kakao at 314.645.4446 to reserve your spots.