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Holiday Confections

Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow . . . is there an app for that?  Probably, but we are offering you some tactile and unplugged options to make the kids from 1 to 99 smile and enjoy the holidays.  You won’t need to log-in to bring glee and delight to all if you simply stop by our shops and get a real taste of the holidays.

Our Kakao Chocolate holiday confections are multi-purpose.  Hang some Holiday Tree Lollies around the office or decorate your home for the holidays. Get the wee ones excited by leaving them one of our chocolate Santa’s Boots on their pillow or place one in their lunch box.  Our Nutcrackers, while delicious and should always eventually be eaten, make festive additions to gift wrap.  Our Little Santas are perfect for placing around the holiday dinner table, but make sure there is one for every guest. Hang the Snowflake Lollies and Holiday Light Bulbs on the tree — but don’t forget they are more than decorations!

The Kakao Chocolate Giant Santa and Giant Chocolate Nutcracker are the ultimate stocking stuffer or holiday table centerpiece.  Don’t just deck the halls with holly — add some Kakao Chocolate confections to your holiday décor and dazzle your guests as they walk through your door.  Of course, these are all available in dark or milk chocolate.

Our Kakao Chocolate holiday confections make your holidays bright as lovely hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, tree decorations, and holiday cake decorations or put together a collection of offerings in a gift box.  If you need help, our elves, um we mean, our store staff, can help you make the best selection.  Stop into our shops and see what we have in stock to stuff those stockings and fill those holiday gift bags and boxes.