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Help Wanted

I’ve been incredibly busy at Kakao over the past few days: two big wholesale orders, two markets, a great time at the Taste of St. Louis, and a wedding on Sunday, not to mention the usual gift boxes and shop visits and deliveries. Which is how I’ve come to the point that I need to get some help in the shop. More on that in a bit.

But first, the Taste! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hey, and who picked up some caramels and tried our homemade hazelnut-chocolate spread. The spread was such a hit we’ve decided to start bottling it and selling it at the markets, so look for it at Maplewood on Wednesdays and Tower Grove on Saturdays.

To keep up with everything, though, I really need someone to help me package chocolate. Labeling bags, putting truffles in paper cups, and sealing bark and bars and dragees and truffles and caramels in bags. Might also need some help cleaning up with the ocassional broom or mop. The key is that someone can help me do that while I continue making chocolates.

Right now I really need someone for a few hours a week, during the day. I know a lot of you have offered to help, but I also know that no one person will be available each time I need someone. So I want to assemble an “on-call” list that I can reach out to when I know I’m going to need help. First come, first served.

For payment, I’m offering $10/hour in cash or $20/hour in chocolate.

If you’re interested, send me at note at If you know someone who might be interested, please have them send me a note.

Oh, and this week I’ll need some help at the shop on Thursday, October 2, starting in the afternoon around 2, or on Friday morning between 8 and noon. Let me know!