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Gooey Butter Cake

Don’t look now but we have a TV star in our shop, and you can take that star home with you!  Yes, this is true — voted “Best Gooey Butter Cake” on the Food Network’s Food Feuds, we are now offering Park Avenue Coffee’s Ann & Allen Gooey Butter Cake.



Most anybody from St. Louis is familiar with Gooey Butter Cake not everybody is familiar with chocolate Gooey Butter Cake. If you’re not from St. Louis (or you have been living on celery stalks) then you need to know that Gooey Butter Cake consists of a dense yellow “cake-like” base (the crust) and it is filled with a mixture of powdered sugar, butter, cream cheese. Then more all natural ingredients are added, like Kakao Chocolate and Kakao Sea Salt Caramel.

Yes, we said Sea Salt Caramel!” We know how much you love our award-winning sea salt caramels, so we took them to the next level for you, and our friends at Park Avenue Coffee baked them into a delectable gooey butter cake.

Like Kakao Chocolate, Park Avenue Coffee’s Gooey Butter Cake has roots in the love and goodness of creating the very best. They will tell you that when they opened their cozy local coffee shop in the heart of Lafayette Square, St. Louis, they started with two simple principals – good people serving good coffee. They quickly realized that a family favorite – their mother’s traditional gooey butter cake – would make a great addition to that mix.  Today, they sell it across the nation, and of course, at Kakao Chocolate.

In both shops you will find lovely Park Avenue Coffee Gooey Butter Cakes ready to take home, be it Kakao Chocolate Dark Chocolate or Kakao Salted Caramel. Just another way to enjoy our delicious chocolates and caramels!