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Fruit and Roses

Before leaving for the long holiday weekend we made pates de fruit (pronounced POT de froo) which happen to have all of zero chocolate in them. Heather reasoned that they were confections and all natural, looked pretty and tasted better, and perhaps most importantly didn’t melt in the hot sun at the farmers’ markets.

What are they? Fruit puree (pulp and a bit of sugar) and more sugar and some pectin and lemon juice. Sounds simple enough. Maybe, I thought, like a gumdrop or gummy bear, but more sophisticated.

A distant cousin of a gummy bear, Heather explained patiently.

She wouldn’t have had to emphasize that after I cut them, rolled them in a bit of sugar and tried some of the final product. Fruit and sugar, yes, but combined in such a way that they’re beyond anything you buy at a store. The fruit flavor pops in your mouth, and the sugar isn’t so sweet to limit how many you think you can eat.

These are raspberry, but I’ll be making more of other fruit flavors – my supplier has quite a few available. Let me know your favorite and we’ll give it a try.

Oh, and roses! On a trip to Iowa City to visit friends this weekend I stopped at a co-op and picked up some rose petal tea, which I used to make a ganache this morning that smelled heavenly. I also made another chai tea ganache, this time with semi-sweet instead of milk. I’ll dip it in milk, along with the rose, and they should be ready by Thursday.