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First Market

First Kakao showing at the Tower Grove Farmers' Market

Kakao at the Tower Grove Farmers' Market

It’s been a busy week at Kakao, but before I get into that we need to recap our first market on Saturday!
Lots of well-wishers and artisan chocolate lovers — thanks to everyone who stopped by. I have to admit I had a great time talking to people and sharing some of the goodies we’ve been developing over the past few months.
A couple of highlights:
– I think we sold dragees to every person who asked what they were; once you start with “raw almonds that are toasted in sugar that’s being caramelized” you barely need to say “and coated three times in chocolate” or even “and then dusted in cocoa powder” before people need to have some.
– Even though the day wasn’t exactly hot, I hope everyone ate their chocolates before they got home. My coolers kept everything from melting, but even the display pieces sitting on ice started to melt when the sun hit them. If you want to take them home, be sure to have something to keep the chocolate from getting to warm.
– “Do you have anything that’s vegan?” Why yes, actually: the dark chocolate coffee bark and the ginger bark, as well as the pates de fruit.
We’ll be back at the Tower Grove Market on Saturday, but in a different place. Don’t give up until you find us!