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Father’s Day Secret

We know a secret, and it is about your dad.

Your dad loves chocolate.  We know you thought it was just your mom, but it’s really your dad, too.   

Yes, all year he manages to convince you that it’s your mother who needs the chocolate for the holidays or a birthday party. But really it is for him.

We’ve seen your dad at Kakao Chocolate, and for the longest time, he had us fooled, too. We figured it out one day when we forgot to put the tray of Sea Salt Caramels in the display case, and he thought we were out of them.  (We’ll spare you the gory details about his meltdown, but it was then and there that it was obvious this guy had it for chocolate.)

Information is power, and now that you know what your dad really wants for Father’s Day, you need to plan to stop by and see us and so you can get him exactly the perfect gift.

Of course, Sea Salt Caramels, dark or milk chocolate, are always a winner. But if you want to venture out and try some new treats, we have plenty of suggestions.  Make your dad giddy with our some Marshmallow Pies.  Or add a bit of sophistication with our new Caramel Marshmallow Pies (yes, the best of both worlds!).

Does dad like a nice stiff drink at day’s end?  We have the perfect gift:  Bourbon or Single Malt Scotch Truffles.  Is dad a wine connoisseur? Why not get him a bottle of his favorite wine and our Wine Pack with his favorite caramels? Or maybe you want to just get him a gift card?  

And if you want, you can put some fishing tackle or a tie in the box, too, just so he doesn’t suspect that you’re on to him.

Stop by soon, Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16th.