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Experimenting 101

As my heels and ganaches continue to cool whilst I wait for the City of St. Louis to give me permission to sell officially, I have time (between unofficial sales) to try my hand at some new truffle flavors.

This is not at all easy.

One might think that, given several tried-and-true recipes for ganache, that one might substitute various ingredients to achieve a different flavor. Certainly you can get by with substituting rum for scotch, but, well, when you get into some other issues it gets rather complicated.

One of the references I’m using (with adorable prose translated from French, such as, “Let us study the behaviour of chocolate…”) explains it all in detail. A lot of detail. Detail, I must admit, that has much more meaning to me now that I’ve tried and failed with several experiments.

(By failed I mean that the ganache was either too soft (which means I needed to let it set longer, and then cut it and let it dry a bit before dipping) or too hard (which means I cut the brownie-like concoction and dipped a few pieces anyway) — taste is important, too, yes? And not wanting to waste anything, the rest is being made into real brownies.)

In any case, I have these wonderful formulas, which previously meant very little to me and now mean a great deal. Which means that I’ll be better able to determine how I can make these dried bananas, grapes and pineapples into a Tropical Breeze truffle…

Meanwhile, I’m dipping some Maker’s Mark truffles on Monday, and definitely making some more caramels, both traditional and creme brulee, being that I, um, well, sold the ones I just made last week. Let me know if you’d like to get some fresh ones.