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Do You Make Caramels?

In a word, yes!

A former co-worker recently wrote me to let me know she missed trying my chili-vanilla truffles, and in her note said, “Thinking about doing anything with caramel?…………Just sayin’.”

Honestly, I think about caramel all the time. We make a delicious chocolate-coated caramel that has a touch of sea salt on top — to some people the salt might seem surprising, but those who’ve tried it understand how the salt works magic with the sweetness of the chocolate and caramel.

So yesterday I delivered some caramels to friends, and received a few notes back:

“One of these caramels that I am eating is like heaven on earth! Oh my goodness!!!”

“Okay, so I couldn’t resist and already ate a dark and milk chocolate caramel. First of all, they were both the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten. I seriously had goosebumps from taking the first bite!”

“If I had to pick, I’d say I like the milk chocolate one the best. They are my favorite so far!”

The “picking” was a taste test for a couple new caramel recipes we’re trying, as we — without the use of corn syrup — attempt to keep the caramel from crystalizing.

One of the test involved a completely different approach to making the caramels, but using the same ingredients. The result was a deep, rich caramel, about as close to being burnt as one can get. A group of testers decided it tasted like the crispy top to a crème brûlée, and thus it was named: Crème Brûlée Caramels.

“Oh – the crème brûlée caramel was sublime… all the heavenly complexity of a good brûlée wrapped up in the sweet little package of a square of caramel.”

Now, if I can just remember exactly how we made it…

Happy Fourth of July everyone!