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Curtains Are Up!

Well, not as in “the show is starting.” The curtains are up, as in, the curtains have been installed in the new shop!

opening curtains

Yes, we’re well on our way to opening the first Kakao storefront. We’ve got our professional-grade plumbing almost complete, the rest of the utilities are all set, we’ve got our occupancy permit (SO much easier than the first time around) and we’ve got the movers scheduled.

(If you’re keeping score at home, the movers actually come after the Mother’s Day Tea and Truffle Tasting on May 10, which means that the Tasting will be in an empty store. No worries, we’ll have chairs and tables and a counter and lots of great chocolate and tea!)

So we’ve got a busy week coming up: a Puddn’head tasting on Friday night, the first Tower Grove Market on Saturday morning, a tasting at the Market at Busch’s Grove on Saturday afternoon, and the Mom’s Day event at the new shop. Then we move, and head into the next week of markets and other tastings!

Oh, another thing about the shop. You’ve heard all about the “stimulus package” and how it’s supposed to help small businesses, right? Well, it’s not there yet. So far, banks have just looked at us as if we have two heads when we’ve tried to get a loan (one even told us that a small business has to be in business for two years before they’ll even consider it; seriously). It’s coming, we’re told, but the money’s not there yet.

Which means that we’re not going to open up a brand new store with everything exactly the way we’d like it. It’s not going to look like Crate & Barrel, or even your average coffee shop, because we need to start slow with what we have, and build things up one step at a time.

We can do that because we know you all appreciate good chocolate. We’re going to continue making it for you, and only ask that you 1) keep enjoying it, and 2) keep telling your friends. We’ll continue to grow with your help.

Last, mark your calendars: Saturday, May 30 will be our GRAND OPENING. You’re not going to want to miss that!