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Chocolating is Hard Work!

Okay, okay. I know that many of you will laugh at that. Come on, Brian, you’ll say, you left the corporate world to make candy and you’re going to try to tell us that it’s difficult?

Seriously, this ain’t easy. Yesterday I finished the dragees, which involved thrice coating the nuts with melted chocolate and stirring until the chocolate set and the almonds separated into their individual goodness. If I make a lot of those, I’m fearful that my forearms will start to look like Popeye’s.

Then I made a ganache — mint, made from organic mint tea steeped in cream with sugar and vanilla — which, I have to admit, is less challenging than it was when I started. Still, I need to keep track of the temperatures of three different pots while at the same time preparing the frame to slab the ganache.

Next I needed to clean the place. It’s already clean — and actually by clean I mean “sanitize,” because you’re never really supposed to have a clean professional kitchen, you’re supposed to have a sanitized professional kitchen — but I had to make it sparkle for the health inspector who came to visit yesterday.

Here’s how that went: he came in, looked around, asked a couple questions, and said, “Doesn’t look like much can go wrong here.” Done, 100%. Woo hoo!

Then I had to dip 240 truffles, one batch each of the Maker’s Mark bourbon (I found myself without any single-malt Scotch) and vanilla. I’m not complaining, by any means — this is my job, after all. It just takes effort to hand-dip individual truffles and then carefully sprinkle sea salt (on the vanilla truffles) or drip a diagonal line of chocolate (for the bourbon/Scotch) on each piece. Then, of course, I had to do dishes and clean — I mean sanitize.

More visitors to the shop tomorrow, with an engaged couple coming in to sample truffles for guest favors (she didn’t think lavender was doable, so I can’t wait until she tries mine!) and a friend who’s dropping by later to check things out. As always, give a call whenever you’re in South City and drop by to try some chocolate.