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Chocolate: The Perfect Gift?

Because who doesn’t like chocolate?

Speaking of, before we talk about gifts I’d like to point you to an article about Kakao in the St. Louis Beacon. It’s a relatively new online publication that carries “news that matters,” which is flattering considering they wrote an article about Kakao Chocolate. The article is entitled Sweet success: PR executive quits his job to make chocolate for a living . (This particular former PR executive wishes he could take credit for all the great press Kakao has received…)

Now, about those gifts. Yes, Christmas gifts, of course, that goes without saying.  But you’re also going to attend any number of dinner parties and holiday open houses, and you should bring a gift, yes? And what about Thanksgiving? Are you going somewhere, and the cook has insisted “you don’t need to bring anything, just yourself,” but you really think you ought to bring something, but what?

Chocolate. Handmade chocolate. Kakao chocolate.

There’s also the corporate gift dilemma. You want to give something interesting, and food is always good, but you remember last year when you had a snack table at your own office that was overflowing with “gifts” from partners and suppliers, like caramel popcorn that was popped back when gas was under $2 the first time, and some cookies that may have been made on another continent, and of one or two of those lovely “salami and cheese” assortments.

What if you sent your clients and business partners a box of all-natural, hand-dipped truffles, made right here in St. Louis? Wouldn’t they like that?

And what if it arrived not just in a Kakao gift box, but with a personalized wrap with your company’s logo on it, and a personalized message from you? Like this:

Kakao Chocolate Gift Boxes

Kakao Chocolate Gift Boxes

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Regular gift boxes come in sizes for any budget: a 6-piece box for $9, a 16-piece box for $25, and a 25-piece box for $38. Wraps with a logo and message start at $2 each — send a note to for a quote. And don’t forget our Kakao gift baskets!

One last thought about Christmas gifts. Remember how every year your snack table got more full as Christmas got closer, and as more of the staff took vacation time so there were fewer people to help eat it? By the time everyone got back to the office after the holidays nothing was edible except the “salami” and “cheese.”

But what if you sent your Kakao chocolate early in the season, so it wouldn’t get lost amongst the fruitcakes? Think about it. Because who doesn’t love chocolate?