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Chocolate Show

This past week I visited the Philadelphia Candy and Chocolate Show in Atlantic City. It was overwhelming, but I’ve had a bit of time to recover so you won’t feel like you just had 10 cups of coffee when you read this.

Your chocolatier is inspired, invigorated, and full of new ideas. The show was amazing, the seminars fantastic, and the camaraderie amongst fellow chocolatiers unbelievable

Yes, fellow chocolatiers. There are lots of them, all over the country, making really good chocolate and fighting the good fight against bad chocolate. Having said that, I also learned that there aren’t many who use all-natural ingredients (some of the “flavorings” and neon colors and fillings were truly incredible, and not in a good way) and even fewer who hand-dip truffles as a matter of course.

Here are a couple of things that I’ll be working on in the coming months:

  • Single-Origin Chocolate: I tasted some really great chocolate made in some specific countries and regions, and will be working on some blends that will still be single-country and with a unique Kakao twist.
  • Molded Chocolate: Lots of possibilities here for some really beautiful presentations of really great chocolate, plus some tools that will make it easier and less wasteful to fill the molds (who knew they had a contraption for that?). We’re going to have fun with this!
  • Peanut Butter: Quite a few of you have been asking about this, and yes, folks, we’re going to do it soon. I talked to several people who gave me great ideas about how to do it right. Stay tuned!
  • Cooking with Chocolate: No, chocolate isn’t just for dessert! We’ve actually been working on a few recipes that we’re preparing for the summer grilling season, and now we’ve got a bunch more ideas to develop for some savory sides and main dishes.

Cooking with Chocolate at the Candy Show

 Meanwhile, we’re headed into Valentine’s Day and have a lot of menu items in development. The Kakao cherry truffles have been a big hit, and we’re refining our beer truffles (yes, I said BEER) to take advantage of the great craft beers we have here in St. Louis. We’re also working on some really delicious butter-pecan toffee that we’ll have at the next market, and some other surprises. Stay tuned!