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Chocolate Gift Baskets

Just a few days ago a Kakao customer was struggling to figure out what to send a friend who just had a baby. She had tasted our caramels at a wedding, and wanted to send some of them to her friend, but was also considering a box of truffles, or maybe some of the dragees she’d heard so much about, or what about those pates de fruits?

Send some of everything, I suggested. How about a gift basket?

Kakao Gift Basket

Kakao Gift Basket

A Kakao Chocolate Gift Basket is a perfect gift for someone who loves chocolate and likes to try a bit of everything. The basket includes two four-packs of our hand-dipped truffles, a four-pack of our chocolate-covered caramels, some pates de fruits, a basket of dragees, one plain and one flavored chocolate bar, and two packages of flavored chocolate bark. All tucked into a specially designed gift basket with our signature orange bandana.

Want a different combination? Let us know, and we’ll build a custom chocolate basket for you.

The baskets are $39 plus tax and delivery or shipping (second-day U.S. delivery in an insulated box with a cold pack costs about $20-$25). To order, email us at, or call 314.489.5617.