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Chocolate-Covered Cherries

Okay, not really. Let’s say they’re de-constructed chocolate-covered cherries. Or re-constructed. Maybe inside-out.

In any case, so far the taste testers are giving a thumbs-up to our cherry truffles.

Let’s start with the ganache inside. Butter-cream with semi-sweet chocolate, and a wonderful cherry liqueur. Not a cherry brandy or cherry-flavored vodka, but a Danish cherry liqueur made by mixing crushed cherries with spirits, sugar and spices and then letting the mixture soak for three years — the same all-natural recipe the company has used since 1818.  

Then we dip the ganache in a bittersweet chocolate, to contrast with the sweetness of the ganache. Well, and because the bittersweet blend of chocolate is just really tasty.

And then we top this truffle with a piece of dried cherry. Surprised? Maybe not. But we did it anyway. A really good dried cherry, with just as much sweetness as tartness, to meld with the bittersweet chocolate coating and sweet cream ganache, and make for a Kakao version of a de-constructed, re-constructed, inside-out chocolate-covered cherry.

We’ll be selling them through Valentine’s Day, online, at our shop on Cherokee, and at the farmers’ markets, including the Tower Grove Market on Saturday, January 10. See you there!