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Chocolate Connections

I could say it’s a slow season for chocolate — post Valentine’s Day, pre Easter, giving-up-sweets-for-Lent, all that — but it wouldn’t be true. What I thought would be a week of catching up on paperwork has turned into a week of keeping up with chocolate orders. Hooray for Chocolate Lovers!

In addition to filling orders, we’re working on some new confections: an Irish-themed truffle for St. Patrick’s Day, some fabulous flavored marshmallows for Easter, and — finally! — some peanut butter chocolates. That’s been on our list for a while now, and we’re deep into experimenting with several different options. Stay tuned.

We’ve also got some fun events planned in the coming months. Look for another Open House in early April in conjunction with a huge event all along Cherokee Street. We’re also working on a Cinco de Mayo tasting, and a special Mother’s Day tea and chocolate tasting.

Lots of people keep up with Kakao through our blog (you’re obviously reading it now!), and there are other ways you can connect with us and make sure you hear about what we’re doing. Kakao is on Facebook, for instance — you can become a friend here(and sign up for Facebook here). Brian updates Facebook regularly with what’s happening in the shop here.  Brian is also on Twitter as bpelletier.

We’re trying a couple of other sites to get the word out on Kakao. One is Like Me, where you can get recommendations from other people who like the same things you like. You’ll find Kakao here (and be sure to share your comments!). Another site is Yelp, where you’ll find Kakao here.

On that note, a word about our open hours. Because of some challenges with our building, we can’t have a permanent storefront here, which means that we can only be open “by appointment.” Since we’re here most every day, it’s not difficult to make an appointment, so if you’re needing chocolate, please email us at, or call 314.489.5617 and we’ll help you out. And stay connected with us to make sure you don’t miss any of our special events.

Oh, and don’t forget the Maplewood Market at Schlafly’s Bottleworks on Saturday, 9  a.m. to 1 p.m. Lots of great stuff, including truffles (chili, chai tea, Maker’s Mark bourbon and coffee-cardamom), hand-dipped caramels, assorted chocolate barks, and of course those marshmallow pies!