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Chilly Chile Chocolate

On a cold winter’s afternoon — maybe it’s sunny but bitter, or maybe it’s overcast with a bit of that dreary rain that seems to seep into your bones — the warmth of summer seems years away. It would be nice to have something hot to drink, some coffee or tea or maybe even some hot chocolate. But you’re unfortunately not in a spot where you can have that spot of tea.

We’ve got just the thing to warm you up: chile chocolate!

Some of you have tried our chile-vanilla truffles, with ground chiles blended into the butter-cream ganache, which is dipped in bittersweet chocolate and then topped with cocoa nibs, which is raw, unprocessed chocolate. These are some of our most popular truffles.

Inspired by those, we’ve made a chile bark, using two different types of ground chile peppers, and just a touch of cinnamon, blended into semisweet chocolate. We then spread the mixture out on the table and sprinkle with those deliciously bitter-chocolate cocoa nibs.

Kakao Chile Chocolate

Kakao Chile Chocolate

The bark has just enough bite to give you a warm, tingly feeling when you eat it. Not so much that it burns — really good chiles are much more about flavor than heat, of course — but enough to take the edge of those cold winter days. And you don’t need a cup to enjoy it!

We’ll be selling Kakao Chile Bark at the upcoming markets, both at Tower Grove and Maplewood. See you there!